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Gregory Rubin of Inner Journey Counseling Center, Sykesville, MD

Greg Rubin, LCPC

A graduate of Loyola College and Towson University, Greg Rubin, LCPC earned a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in Psychology. His training in this profession began nearly twenty years ago, as he helped his father study for his Licensure exam to become a therapist. It was around this time when he first realized and began to solidify his intuition, drive, and talent to work as a therapist, helping people to improve the quality of their lives.

Greg established his practice nearly 16 years ago. It has been a dream come true, and quite an honor, to work as a therapist and to be allowed a glimpse into the lives of other human beings. He truly respects and appreciates the opportunity to work with other people in therapy and is hopeful that you will invite him to do the same with you.

"When I first came to Inner Journey Counseling with Greg Rubin rivers of chaos stormed my life, the pain from that, was a thread through each day. I was falling of the edge without being able to see that I was going to be ok and honestly I was ready to give up. I was able to, stop excessive drinking, leave an abusive marriage, regain a sense of joy in who I am, and stand on my own two feet again. I have a son, and he gets to see his mom regain her courage and joy to live. My situation may be extreme for some, however, taking this inner journey has opened windows that I am very thankful to see through. I have a renewed sense of clarity, hope, and joy, now ready to live out the next part of this journey. A sincere thank you goes to Greg Rubin and Inner Journey Counseling Center. You helped ferry me through the most difficult part of my life. I am across safely. There may be more rapids but I now have a life preserver to get across."

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